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Polly Jo Labbe

Polly Jo Labbe began receiving Divine Guidance at an early age. She had strong psychic intuition that, like many psychics, was kept hidden in the background for her personal safety. At the age of 40, her psychic healing gifts began to resurface and she decided to embrace them, instead of continuing to suppress them, which had caused her to suffer from severe depression.

As a survivor of PTSD, Polly Jo understands that the root cause of most illness is based on emotional, mental and spiritual wounding. Her pathway of awakening continues to focus on releasing old wounds, behaviors, and life patterns that no longer serve her highest good. She applies this technique with her clients and students through the helping of others to release the personal wounds to become the authentic person they are meant to be. 

As Polly Jo began to release her own wounds, her abilities to download Divine Guidance increased exponentially leading her on a pilgrimage to John of God in Brazil. There she asked for her healing gifts to be opened fully and to be directed in how to best use them. The result has been a constant stream of ancient healings that range from Alchemical, Ancient Egyptian, Native American Bear Medicine, Atlantean and the incorporation of Essential Oils with energy to amplify the healing potential. 

Polly Jo has been guided to open her own mystery healing school for healers who are guided to heal on the multidimensional and multi-vibrational level. She has begun to open people to her healing work through classes in Transformational Reiki, Essential Energy Healing, and her personal flavor of Psychic Development. 

Visit her school at: http://www.trinitymysticalenergy.com